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Services, Conditions, & Fees

What conditions does Acorus treat with functional medicine and Chinese medicine?

Featured: AnxietyDepression

Mental Health Treated at Acorus Integrative Medicine Vector

Mental Health

Anxiety · Depression · Elimination · Neuro-Cognitive · Somatic · Sexual · Sleep · Substance Use · Trauma

Digestive Health Treated at Acorus Integrative Medicine Vector

Digestive Health

Acid Reflux · Colitis · Constipation-Diarrhea · Dietary Intolerance · Gas · Gastritis · Inflammation · Irritable Bowel · Malabsorption · Microbiome · Nausea · Weight Control

Endocrine Health Treated at Acorus Integrative Medicine Vector

Endocrine Health

Adrenal Insufficiency · Diabetes Management · Hormone Imbalance · PCOS · Thyroid Disorders

Ready to Schedule a Functional or Chinese Medicine Visit?

Ready to Schedule a Visit

Here’s what you need to do.

Please call (512) 277-5988 or

Click the Booking Button: 

Please use our HIPAA-compliant, secure Patient Portal to complete intake forms and communicate directly with us.

Initial Visits can be lengthy (60-90 minutes). This allows us to review your history in detail and understand your personal challenges and goals.

We are a direct-pay practice. We offer payment plans and packages for some services. Payment can be made with a flexible spending account (FSA), health care savings account (HCSA), check, or credit/debit card. We can provide you with a detailed invoice submittable to insurance plans with “out-of-network” benefits.

What Does a Functional Medicine Appointment Look Like?

A functional medicine appointment is a 60-90 minute visit. We use extensive history taking with modern and traditional Chinese diagnostics. Learn more at our Functional Medicine page.

What Does a Chinese Medicine Appointment Look Like?

An acupuncture appointment is 60 minutes. Patients only booked for Chinese herbal appointments have the 60-minute new visits; follow-up herbal visits are 30 minutes. Learn more on our Chinese Medicine page.

Our Pricing

Functional Medicine

60 minutes


$ 500


$ 500

Acupuncture Treatment

60 minutes


$ 150


$ 100

Chinese Herb Treatment

60 minutes


$ 80


$ 80

Online Programs



$ 200


$ Varies

Sleeper Nova™️

Guidance and actionable steps for adults dealing with poor sleep patterns by addressing personalized root causes and reestablish mental clarity, energy, and quality rest. Expected Enrollment: May 2023

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