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Services, Conditions, & Fees

What conditions does Acorus treat with functional medicine and Chinese medicine?

Featured: AnxietyDepression

Mental Health Treated at Acorus Integrative Medicine Vector

Mental Health

Anxiety · Depression · Elimination · Neuro-Cognitive · Somatic · Sexual · Sleep · Substance Use · Trauma

Digestive Health Treated at Acorus Integrative Medicine Vector

Digestive Health

Acid Reflux · Colitis · Constipation-Diarrhea · Dietary Intolerance · Gas · Gastritis · Inflammation · Irritable Bowel · Malabsorption · Microbiome · Nausea · Weight Control

Endocrine Health Treated at Acorus Integrative Medicine Vector

Endocrine Health

Adrenal Insufficiency · Diabetes Management · Hormone Imbalance · PCOS · Thyroid Disorders

Ready to Schedule a Functional or Chinese Medicine Visit?

Ready to Schedule a Visit

Here’s what you need to do.

Please call (512) 277-5988 or

Click the Booking Button: 

Please use our HIPAA-compliant, secure Patient Portal to complete intake forms and communicate directly with us.

Initial Visits can be lengthy (60-90 minutes). This allows us to review your history in detail and understand your personal challenges and goals.

We are a direct-pay practice. We offer payment plans and packages for some services. Payment can be made with a flexible spending account (FSA), health care savings account (HCSA), check, or credit/debit card. We can provide you with a detailed invoice submittable to insurance plans with “out-of-network” benefits.

What Does a Functional Medicine Appointment Look Like?

A functional medicine appointment is a 60-90 minute visit. We use extensive history taking with modern and traditional Chinese diagnostics. Learn more at our Functional Medicine page.

What Does a Chinese Medicine Appointment Look Like?

An acupuncture appointment is 60 minutes. Patients only booked for Chinese herbal appointments have the 60-minute new visits; follow-up herbal visits are 30 minutes. Learn more on our Chinese Medicine page.

Our Pricing

Functional Medicine

60 minutes

Acupuncture Treatment

60 minutes

Chinese Herb Treatment

30 minutes

Online Programs (Telehealth)


Sleeper Nova™️

Guidance and actionable steps for adults dealing with poor sleep patterns by addressing personalized root causes and reestablish mental clarity, energy, and quality rest. Expected Enrollment: May 2023

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