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Functional Medicine

What is functional medicine?

What is Functional Medicine at Acorus

Functional Medicine is an integrative, science-based approach to health and wellbeing that involves treating the individual using a holistic technique. It uses the best available evidence, combined with laboratory testing, personalized dietary and lifestyle recommendations, and targeted supplementation to help limit the progression of chronic conditions and restore balance in the body. 

Acorus uses functional medicine because its holistic and personalized nature is an excellent fit and complement to the therapeutic model of Chinese medicine.  This makes it unique in comparison to the conventional Western medicine method of treating individual illnesses by suppressing symptoms. 

We have found that many seek us out for pain, but that pain is often the first or most obvious sign of more complex problems affecting the mind as depression and anxiety, the brain as insomnia or poor thinking, and digestion as weight gain, diarrhea, or appetite changes.

What Does a Functional Medicine Appointment Look Like?

What Does a Functional Medicine Appointment Look Like?

A functional medicine appointment consists of extensive intake with questions on family medical history, personal history, symptoms, diet and lifestyle factors like exercise, mental health and more. These discussions establish timelines and patterns important in treating the root cause.

New patients have two main visits. For the First Visit, a patient completes a new patient profile with a chief compliant form briefly describing their chief compliant and names of current conditions/diagnoses. The chief complaint kicks off the first intake with lasts 60-90 minutes. 

Different questionnaires and assessments help our clinician select appropriate lab panels and begins to draft their care plan. Labs are usually dropshipped to the patient; a local phlebotomist is found if a blood sample is needed.

The second visit is called a Review of Findings. This visit typically occurs 3-4 weeks after the First Visit. This review goes over the laboratory findings with patient, along with any other assessments taken. We’ll also review the details of the patient’s illness, discuss methods for treatment, and establish a personalized plan.